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Strike Analysis
One of the neatest services we provide for our customers is our free Gait Analysis. A Gait Analysis, or running style assessment, is a free service we provide to all our customers when buying their running shoes. Running shoes are specifically designed to address a vast variety of foot shapes, weight differences, and bio-mechanical anomalies. It is difficult to know which shoe will work best for you without this analysis. One of the first steps to being correctly fitted for running shoes is to have your gait analyzed. At Run-N-Tri, we will assess your gait and foot strike as you test different shoes on our treadmill. Video feedback will let you see what we see and show you how different shoes will work for you.

Pressure Analysis
Run-N-Tri has a state of the art AETREX iStep pressure plate which captures your foot type, arch, pressure points, balance, width and length of your feet. The iStep is a revolutionary, digital foot analysis system. We also have a foot strike analysis with video recording and slow motion reviewing capabilities to analyze individual stride. Two treadmills allow us to video record your stride and give you the opportunity to test multiple shoes. Our associates are highly trained both in our technology and customer service to ensure each customer gets personal time and attention. We ensure each customer is in the appropriate shoes.
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